Virtual Learning links

Below are the links to emergency lesson plans.  There are plans for up to 3 weeks of school but students are only required to complete the lessons for as many days as school is closed. If you are unsure which plans your child needs to follow, please contact your child's teacher.


The documents linked below are for informational purposes only.  They are NOT editable.  Editable docs will be pushed out through Google Classroom by teachers each day.


Pre K

Pre K Plans

Ms. Weidmann's Class PreK Plans


Grade K Lesson Plans

Grade K Worksheets

Grade K-1 LLI Plans

Grade K LAL RTI Worksheets

Grade K-1 Seeing Stars Plans


Grade 1

Grade 1 Plans

 Grade 1 Worksheets

Grade 1 RTI

Grade K-1 LLI Plans

Grade K-1 Seeing Stars Plans

Grade 1 Special Education

Romsteadt Grade1 Plans

Romsteadt Grade 1 Worksheets

Fieger Grade 1&2 Plans

Grade 2

Grade 2 Plans

Grade 2 Worksheets

Grade 2 RTI

Grade 2 LLI Plans

Grade 2 Seeing Stars Plans

Grade 2 Visualizing and Verbalizing Plans

Grade 2 Special Education

Fitzpatrick/Wallen Grade 2 Plans

Fitzpatrick/Wallen Grade 2 Worksheets

Fieger Grade 1&2 Plans

Grade 3

Grade 3 Plans

Grade 3 Worksheets

Grade 4

Grade 4 Plans

Grade 4 Worksheets

Grade 5

Grade 5 Plans


Grade 6

Grade 6 Plans

Grade 6 Worksheets

RTI plans (grades 3-6)

DeNafo Plans

Low RTI Grade 4 Groups 1&2  Week 1

Low RTI Grade 4 Groups1&2 Week 2 (part 1)

Low RTI Grade 4 Groups 1&2 Week 2 (part 2)

Low RTI Grade 4 Groups 1&2 Week 3

Special Education (grade 3-6)

Dennis/Marsh 3/4 Plans

Ginzberg 5/6 Plans

Garretson Grade 2/5/6 Plans

McGann/Wisniewski Grade 4 Plans

McGann/Wisniewski Worksheets

Sweeney/Vitarelli Grade 5 Plans

Vitarelli/Walsh Grade 6 Plans


Ms. Holwell and Mr. C have set up google classrooms for students at WES and Atco to check in if needed.  The class should appear with their other classrooms. If not, the code to join WES is zazgebh and the code to join Atco is guixi4h.





General Computer Directions


Grade 1 Technology Directions


Related Services Plans (OT, PT, Speech)


Enrichment Lesson Plans




For help with technology issues, please contact Mrs. Scola