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The Waterford Transportation Department is working hard to serve you and it is our goal that we bring each student to and from school safely.  All children must follow the Rules and Regulations for school bus riders as detailed below.   All Waterford Township School District school buses are equipped with video/audio. These recordings may be used for disciplinary or criminal investigations.

Hours of Transportation Office are 8am - 4pm.  Any transportation emergencies outside of office hours can be directed to First Student at (856)753-0222.

856-767-8293 x5041 - Transportation Office  


Updated rules


Rules and Regulations for School Bus Riders:

  1. Students should be at the bus stop ten (10) minutes prior to arrival time and must be well behaved while waiting for the school bus.  
  2. Students must observe good safety practices when traveling to and from the bus stop. 
  3. Students must not stand in the street while waiting for the school bus to arrive. 
  4. Students crossing must remember to look both ways before crossing the street when boarding or departing the school bus.  Elementary students must wait for a signal from the bus driver before crossing the street. 
  5. Crossing students must wait on their side of the road and cross to load when the bus arrives. 
  6. Students must board and depart the school bus in a single file.  Running or pushing is prohibited. 
  7. Seatbelts must be worn at all times. 
  8. Students must follow the driver’s instructions.  The bus driver is in charge at all times. 
  9. Students upon boarding the school bus shall immediately sit in their assigned seat. 
  10. Students must remain seated until the school bus comes to a full stop at the destination. 
  11. Students must always keep all parts of their body inside the school bus at all times. 
  12. Harassment of any sort or type will not be tolerated. 
  13. Unnecessary noise, shouting or use of objectionable language shall not be permitted. 
  14. Throwing of anything within the bus or out of the bus windows shall not be permitted. 
  15. Damage to buses by students shall not be tolerated.  Payment for repairs may be assessed to the parents of the children involved. 
  16. Students may only ride the school bus to which they are assigned.  The driver will not pick up or drop off students at places other than their regular bus stop.  If an alternate stop is needed a letter must be forwarded to the Transportation Department.

  17. All Waterford Township School Buses are equipped with video and audio.  These recordings may be used for disciplinary or other investigations.
  18. Food, drink or gum chewing is not permitted on the school bus.

  19. Pupils in Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade will only be released from the bus to an adult/guardian identified by parent/guardian/child as a “safe” individual. When the “safe” individual is not present, student will be driven back to their school and parents will be notified

Suspension of Bus Privileges

The students of the Waterford Township Public Schools have the privilege to ride a bus to and from school. This privilege may be denied to the student by the administration if a student cannot follow transportation rules and regulations.

1st incident - Bus warning – conference with principal

2nd incident - Behavior letter to parents

3rd incident - Suspension from bus for a period of up to 5 school days

4th incident - Suspension from bus for a period of up to 10 school days

5th incident - Suspension from bus for the rest of the school year